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You will be learning from highly trained faculty who passionately believe in the psychoanalytic approach. Our faculty have seen in their own practices the effectiveness of this approach, how going beyond the treatment of symptoms to the underlying causes of emotional problems allows them to help patients they couldn’t otherwise reach. You’ll share and learn from them in classes and workshops, through mentoring, supervision, and case conferences. Your experience with these dedicated professionals will not only change the lives of the people you treat, but also your own life.

The collaborative approach of our faculty is embodied in the current Directorship of the Institute, shared by Dr. Sydney Anderson and Mr. Brett Clarke. Individual faculty members have published and presented on many subjects including the late effects of child trauma, eating disorders, dreams, the influence of the past on the present, treatment of sexual disorders, borderline personality disorders, and the interface between psychoanalysis and the wider community in such areas as the arts, law, literature, history and other disciplines.

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To see more in-depth information on some of our experienced faculty members please visit the Cincinnati Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis